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Shipowners update their availability status

3 possibilities: Prompt Available / Soon Available / On Charter

OSVfinder is already inclusive of Vessels' positions and main specifications. It instantaneously identifies Charterers Request For Availability (RFA) matching Vessels' specifications, position & availability, and addresses a notification to Shipowners.

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I am a charterer

I am a shipowner


Map giving position and availability of OSVs worldwide.

My Vessels

Map giving position of charterer’s contracted fleet.


Map giving position and availability of OSVs worldwide.

My Vessels

Map giving position of Shipowners fleet.

Request For Availability (RFA)

Tool to request Priced or unpriced Vessels.

Notification Center

Advise charterer about Vessels Matching their RFA.

Notification center

Advise Shipowner about RFA matching their Vessels’ specifications, position & availability


Tool allowing Shipowners to find their own Vessels and update their availability, add brochures, etc.

Charterers access to OSVS matching their needs

Charterers send a Request For Availability (RFA), selecting :
Main Vessel Spec required / Area of Work / Date of Commencement / Duration...

OSVfinder instantaneously identifies all suitable and available Offshore Support Vessels and addresses a notification to Charterers.

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